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Sunday, April 09, 2006

the wisdom of my man chucky larone...

The most contact ive had with a gurlthis week, other than Beth was to touch the hand of some huge beastly chick selling gurlscout cookies. I wouldnt have touched her but she practicly tried to eat me along with the cookies and my cat reflects just couldnt get out of the way fast enough. Im too old for this shit. I didnt even know she was a gurlscout. when she opened the door i handed her my wallet and whimpered. she was bigger than freakin godzilla but just needed more doeterant than he did. I hate gurlscouts now, i m scared for life!!!!!

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Maybe They Will Have...Singapore Slings!

Friday, January 27, 2006

for his Mulkness and our favourite drunkard, yes you, dorien. thanks for the encouragement, compinches.

teh best conversations are in hindi (can i get a bilingual ooh up in here)
but seriously, today Omkar was telling me about how he was walking home at night and saw someone in the forest. he called out, and this person (or abominable snowman, i suggested) hid behind a tree, which made him more suspicious, so he shouted 'come out or I will strike you with a stone!' and then his wife got scared, and said 'don't! he may shoot us!' So he apprehended this person further down the hill, and he turned out to be a nepali labourer. Omkar says: 'if you are a true man, you have nothing to hide' which is his third philosphical statement to date, along with 'one must stay happy' and 'one must eat full food.'

other cool things you can say in hindi are, repeat after me:
tum meri dimaag kha raha ho
(lit:you are eating my brain) 'You're stressing me out!'

main khali aadmi hoon
'i'm an empty man'

main duniya main akela hoon
'i'm alone in this world'

teri to gayi kya?
(lit:is yours gone?) 'are you mad?'

strange things happen on a hillside in january.

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so what is this mallet for?

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

everytime i listen to broken social scene it makes me want to get out into the hills again with my brother and some alcohol and make a fire on pepperpot mountain just to watch it burning up the empty space between the valley and the stars.

it makes me nostalgic for memories i haven't made yet. it feels phoney, like old birthday cards rotting in desk drawers.

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looking good, mr. malkovich

Thursday, August 18, 2005


my room has a yellow wall and against it is my desk and the wooden cabinet where i keep photos of camille (who is my lover) and AV cables and nalgene bottels. yes. now in between is the tie-dye throne which is made up of partially decomposed cushions rescued from the loft covered in a big orange and yellow and purple tiedye bedsheet with a bloody great yinyang on it and i hide my marlboro lights in it and tonight i fixed it up so there are like these fucking monitor speakers for the bass guitar and my pretty little speaker set sits facing the other way pounding anthony kielis' voice into the room while i fuck around on the bass.


anyway i feel flippant today, and angry, and skillful...and the moonsoon keeps on blowing in and blowing through and settling down, and one day seems just like the other, until it feels more like an episode than a month.


feel like making lists.

people whose groovy worlds i would like to inhabit:

1) robert plant (of course)
2) whatshisface from the mars volta... whothefuck is he anyway?
3) jack johnson

places still to go:

3) tokyo
1) northern california
4) lebanon
5) ladakh

anyway i was saying this is my new favourite person

catch ya later chillins if they call tell em i'm in the garage with a couple cats and a roll of surgical tape

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no caption necessary

9: Blastoise - A brutal Pokemon with pressurized
water jets on its shell. They are used for high
speed tackles.

Of the Original 150, Which Pokemon Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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okay. so we have the earth...

Thursday, August 11, 2005

i wanted to find a sublime lyric for the title but. yes.
this is because sublime listening in rudyland has been nonstop.

i achieve very little nowadays.

it has taken me three days to write this RIO essay and now it is still not completed.
but yeah, when the brief is 'religion is the main cause of strife today discuss' you know by the end of the sentence that jaysus is this going to be a load of bollocks.

which, according to douglas coupland, is to do with anarchy and safetypins.

today, after i stood underneath the balcony in the rain too rapidly inhaling, has been a good day.

despite the fact i almost assaulted my audiovisual crew boss and fucked up his car because the fucking jack-ass is a thoughtless tight-arse fuckwit.

i sound like a mental health statistic, with my 'good days.' what is this smug little happiness? from whence it came? perhaps because i do no work?

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waiting for my ruca

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

a genuinely good day.

i told you that i felt strange strung between worlds. like...i go to class, sit in the lounge, scrounge my ounce of gratification from the trumpet or nora's conversation or pratiksha's simple honesty, do AV, keep my mouth quick and my words tight...watch these little games and these little lives.

i'm really waiting for the weekend.

to see you, to hold you like this, to tell you these stories and these ideas...for one moment, lying on my back, the room actually felt like india.

i don't live in india. the hills are not india. i live on a concrete stage covered in leaves.

and you spread me out between these existences.

tonight, dearest, i'm going to sit on my roof again when its quiet, and maybe it'll be clear for once, i'm going to stare out over the valley imagining who i was, walking through seattle and bicycling through the forests and, for that moment, perhaps breaking through...

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are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Sunday, July 17, 2005

the end of the vacation is always the same.

stcuk in this big house with its thin windows that suggest independent movies about medicated 30 year olds becoming whole people...anxiety, to much time to think about the uncertainties...going through memories of friends and love days as if they were sweet morphine...

george fuck we need some social contact.

that's the thing...tell me to stop smoking, but the fact is, when you're stepping through american cities clear-eyed and levelheaded, looking for the heart of it, looking for hombow rolls or artists...there is nothing better than smoking gaulouses with george, teasing his ADD, going george! george! monkey! tree monkey, george! streetlamp george!

and pretending that you were frank ohara 'casually asking for a carton of gaulouses and a carton of picayunes.'

okay poetry. i promised not to put it in, but:

who looks after us if god is quiet?
grace - grace is here,
closer at these altitudes.
our shadows are much longer
whenever the port windows open and
knife-points of red light ricochet through the cabin,
an icelandic sunrise:
we ride along the broad circumference
feeling vulnerable, all children,
striding and staring.

me and george watched robin williams.

i know! i vill dress like a sperm, strap an ice-skate to my ass and go balls-first dow an ice chute! ja! that will be fun! and how will I steer?

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Friday, July 15, 2005

so here we go, sonya:

do you remember when
hold on it's all obscured by
the frenetic rush of caffeine oh yes
dark nights when the forest was closer
and the sky was a backdrop for little one act summer dramatics-
inside, i had been compulsively mixing
nescafe shots (
i was buzzing slightly)
and by the third you began to speak,
then your story seeped out and hung between
the matting and
the poorly plastered ceiling

if you read this, even if i don't speak to you often, ou must post a memory of me.it can be anything you want-- good or bad, ust as long as it happened. hen post this to your journal and see what people remember about you...

there you go. have fun in california.

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good time philosophies

Sunday, June 12, 2005

ladies and gents, rudy is dicovering the hillside highlife!

but first, coldplay's X&Y:

I've always been a bit cynical about coldplay- Parachutes was an interesting album at the time, and gave british indie a new sound. It was important.

Then, of course, coldplay was highjacked by the teenage girl belting out 'the scientist' and burning it on countless hopelessly bad mix cds.

Here comes X+Y , and while it contains some pretty typical indie sounds, it was coldplay that started many of the techniques - the stark sound, digital effects carefully mixed in, the oh-so-sincere voice. While "Low" is a bit wearing, "Speed of Sound," much as I hate to admit it, is masterful. It seems like a natural development of coldplay's earlier albums, a further step rather than a leap in a different direction. Yes, I'll probably stand in line with the sixteen-year-old girls to buy it.

also- Jack Johnson's In Between Dreams.

this is the sound of our heroes going mainstream. run for the hills.

meanwhile, after two solid days and nights of av, stringing up lights ('where the fuck are all our pars?") dealing with rough shocks and rude surprises, inroducing myself ('hello, i'm your friendly unpaid overworked av member. if something goes wrong, I'm fucked") I decided that i gots to live it up in my insular little hillside town.

So on wednesday night i drank beer and smoked cigarettes with nadia looking out over the reflected lights of cities. pink etnies bitch says

"fall in love with the lights. the lights never fuck with you,"

i say "he doesn't seem like a serious person to me..."

friday night was spent at bryans. i find myself saying things like "praise the lord and pass the ammunition" and "let us achieve." And we sure achieved. Hee.

Later I rode around on insecurity's scooter shooting up shit with a m-16 carbine BB gun.

"We should get three scooters, and three air rifles..."

i am hoping no permanent damage is done to my lungs.

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If anybody comes to see me tell 'em they just missed me by a minute

Let me introduce myselves

Ich Bin ein Englander!

I like coconuts, bananas andgrapes!

I live in a place with mountains, some of which are very tall (you'll just have to guess, won't you)

Influences on Rudy, before joining the now-famous New jersey Emo-Death Metal band Softly Infect, include:
sublime, too little sleep, monty python, led zeppelin, caffeinated beverages, too much asthma medication, socialists and sadhus, an early encounter with the mystery of things and rick james, bitch!

If You Won't Be Sensible, I Shan't Talk To You
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so what is this mallet for?
looking good, mr. malkovich
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okay. so we have the earth...
waiting for my ruca
are you thinking what I'm thinking?
so here we go, sonya: do you remember when hold o...
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